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We offer a full range of domestic electrical services. Our competitive rates, quality products and excellent customer service will provide you with a complete customer satisfaction result, including data cabling, phone outlets, lighting and installation services for extensions and renovations, repairs, maintenance and much more.



We provide commercial electrical services and have experience in providing an extensive range of electrical services to a board selection of businesses, government departments, facilities and community organisations.



We have worked on a variety of industrial sites including factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants and also on machinery. We are familiar with all security, safety and other procedures for working in and around construction sites and sensitive areas.

It is our job to ensure that our pricing, quality and our ongoing support is assured. We are readily available to tender for projects of any size at the convenience of our clients.

We offer invaluable expert advice that result in the most cost effective solution to any electrical problem that won’t compromise our outstanding service quality.


Data and communications cabling services for commercial and domestic applications. Your Local Sparky is ACMA licensed, fully endorsed to provide a total and complete cabling services.


Structured cabling systems provide high-speed, highly flexible solutions for offices and other workplaces where users and services often change. Structured cabling can carry many different data and communications services, but the most common services are Ethernet and telephone.Your Local Sparky technicians are up-to-date with all the latest cabling technology.


Whether you need to fit-out a new office with Ethernet cabling, move a server rack, move a PBX, install a few more data lines, or perhaps you need to install a whole new data cabinet - we can help.With the roll-out of the NBN, many commercial premises and homes will require the installation of quality Ethernet cabling, so as to take full advantage of the high speed broadband.We install data cabling from top brands such as Krone, ADC, Clipsal, Molex, Tyco and Panduit to deliver optimum performance for your Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling installation.


Our ACMA licensed cable technicians can install and modify both copper wiring and Optical Fibre systems.


Thermographic Scanning as a method of early fault detection.


Thermal Scanning is used as a preventative tool which allows the detection of developing faults before they may cause a system failure or even worse an electrical fire.


Thermography measures the radiant heat pattern which is emitted from electrical components in systems such as building power distribution or plant equipment.


Benefits of Thermography:

· Reduce the probability of electrical fire

· Reduce the probability of blackouts and system failures

· Reduce the probability of systems downtime

· Increase overall safety for staff, visitors and customers


Cost Savings:

· Replace faulty components only

· Reduce unexpected maintenance costs

· Schedule proactive maintenance, rather than pay additional costs for emergency or unscheduled repairs.


YLS provides:

· Thermographic imaging

· Services provided by licenced electricians with specialist Thermography training.

· Record of testing for your OH&S documentation

· Re-test reminder service

· Repairs and maintenance


You can never be too careful and that's why we love to implement advanced security features for your home and around your property that can make all of the difference. We specialise in the set up and installation of CCTV systems for your home, business, property and even your vehicle, so whatever you want to observe, you can be sure that all you need to do is keep an eye on your monitor, let us do everything else. We provide a great range of CCTV systems, so it's always a good idea to get to know which could suit your home or property the best. One of the most common CCTV setups are wired ones. This is the traditional method for CCTV cameras to be installed and you can expect your wiring to connect to an internal power supply which makes this set up ideal for home and office use.

We can position all of your cameras in specific locations and at certain angles to maximize their coverage and then connect them to your power supply and recording device to ensure your safety and security. The main benefit of wired CCTV systems is that you won't ever need to replace batteries and as the housing of the camera is often waterproof, we can place your cameras externally and internally to suit your requirements.

Another popular type of CCTV camera installation eliminates the need for wires and can be installed almost anywhere within range of a wireless receiver. These types of cameras may need their batteries changed as they age, but they are extremely versatile and can be installed even in the most difficult of locations. Whether you want your CCTV system installed within your home or outside of it, we can mount, install and then connect all of your CCTV cameras to guarantee that they run at peak performance all day every day.

If you're hoping to have a CCTV system set up in your office or work place, then we'll also be able to help. From black and white cameras and full colour models, all the way to cameras without microphones and those with them; we'll be able to advise you on the best type of system for your work place and then set your cameras up to increase your security. You'll also have the option of wired and wireless camera systems, so your options are almost endless. If you'd like any further information regarding our CCTV installation services, then why not get in touch with our friendly team of electricians today?

We'll be able to advise you and provide a no obligation quote and you'll have your CCTV system installed and ready to go in no time at all. We are a member of NECA (National Electrical and Communications Association), a body committed to safeguarding consumers by regulating electrical certification and licencing. 


There has always been a need to protect your loved ones and belongings, from outside threats. In our modern world, this is more important than ever! We now have laptops, phones, jewellery and other important belongings, often of significant value with irreplaceable information and data that needs to be protected that could contain highly sensitive personal information or sentimental value. Few of us work at home and most of us are absent for long and predictable periods. Our homes are left unattended and unprotected. By using modern communication technology you can be alerted almost instantly of a perimeter breach, allowing you or a monitored service to take swift and decisive action.


Alarm systems can be as simple, or as elaborate as you want.

  • A panel and keypad,

  • Motion sensors,

  • Siren, and

  • A strobe alert-light on your building’s front.


A more comprehensive approach might include:

  • Reed switches on your doors and windows,

  • The ability to arm selected sections of your home, even when you or your loved ones are in the home,

  • Remote arming and disarming via your smartphone, and

  • Critical-Incident-Connectivity: if your alarm is tripped, our server automatically responds as pre-arranged with you, providing push notifications, SMS alerts, emails and/or phone calls.


Our team will help you design a best-fit system for your unique needs because effective and efficient system design is critical to ensuring your system actually does what you want it to do.

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